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16 October 2010 @ 10:53 pm
Morgana had taken Morgause's instructions to practice very seriously, spending more and more time down in the gym, working on her powers. It felt like the only thing she had full and utter control over these days. And one of the few things that she could trust. She'd been a little sceptical at first, not understanding how whispered words could invoke anything but ridicule from others, but she felt it now. Felt how they seemed to focus and summon the powers inside her that'd seemed almost out of her reach and beyond her control before. it was like a storm rising inside and, for the first time, she felt capable of riding it.

Also, it gave her something to focus on beyond her nightmares. Not those kind of course; the bracelet protected her from that. The regular kind, her mind still clearly very disturbed by what she'd experienced of Kate's torture. She kept dreaming of the man who'd carried it out, the way the knife glinted in his hand and how he'd taunted her.She hadn't seen much of him in her original nightmare, but her mind was very good at making up his cruelty.

And it only made her angrier, the injustice and heartlessness of the Cabal something she was finding harder and harder to cope with. The only suitable remedy she'd found so far was flinging a practice dummy across the gym.

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27 September 2010 @ 07:19 pm
Morgana almost didn't believe her eyes when she finally saw the car pulling into the Sanctuary grounds, having felt like she'd been waiting for days, and it took her a moment to shake off the surprise and force herself in to action. She and Nikola hurried to the door with a stretcher, Helen realising at the last moment that they were still short a few items that could be useful and saying that she would meet them back in the infirmary very shortly.

Morgana couldn't say she was exactly surprised at the state that Kate was in when she was carefully lifted from the car and laid on the waiting stretcher, but seeing the injuries she had experienced on someone else...There was more too, what looked like the remnants of a bullet wound. She didn't dare touch Kate, knowing the woman wouldn't be able to feel the reassurance and afraid that she may aggravate her injuries further. Micah and Morgause had obviously healed the worst of it but she still needed plenty of treatment.

Once in the infirmary, Nikola pulled a very unwell looking Nigel aside and Morgana started on removing the tattered remnants of Kate's clothes with a pair of scissors.

"Are you both all right?" she asked, clearly shaken, looking at Ashley and Morgause.

(ooc: Morgana - Morgause - Ashley? Helen will take Morgause's place shortly...)
20 August 2010 @ 11:23 pm
Morgana felt like she couldn't breathe, a crushing, terrible anticipation weighing her down.

Something awful was about to happen...

That feeling did not improve as she moved towards a foreboding metal door, a single hatch like a prison cell and a number plate that allowed her recognise it as typically Cabal. This was the large mountain facility, she realised, seeing the 'MN' at the start of the room designation. She'd learnt that from the map Nikola had drawn on his curtains.

She didn't want to go through the door but she was just a passenger on this ride.

What she saw inside made her inwardly cry and scream, instantly trying to claw her way back to consciousness. But she was as stuck here as she ever was, fated to watch the whole terrible scene until the vision released her.

There was something even worse than the sick violence though. The man was torturing Kate, cutting her, burning her with fire and chemicals, breaking her fingers as her skin blistered and bubbled without relent. And Morgana knew she would awaken to all these injuries, that even a phantom of them would be horrific, but it wasn't that which truly cut her.

It was how Kate refused to tell them anything as they asked about the Sanctuary security systems.

The terrible realisation that they had been wrong and they'd abandoned her to this.
15 August 2010 @ 09:30 am
Morgana didn't leave Nikola's side until he was awake and she was quite sure that he wasn't about to collapse on her again. It was only then she decided to seek out Morgause, the idea of doing so having been playing on her mind since she'd found out about Nigel's situation. She didn't know precisely what she would say to the other woman - what did you say to someone whose love was dying? - but she felt like she had to see her. Morgause was her friend. More than that...she almost felt like a...well like a sister to her, and she couldn't in good conscience leave her alone when she would be hurting so much.

She knocked softly on Morgause's door, not wanting to disturb Nigel in case he was sleeping there.
26 July 2010 @ 10:37 pm
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Bb Thursday.
It was fair to say that Morgana had gone to a lot of trouble to ensure that Nikola's birthday was as special as she could possibly make it. She would have liked to have taken him out somewhere, but with things how they were with the Cabal that just would have been stressful. It was hardly easy to enjoy oneself if you were constantly looking over your shoulder.

No, staying in the Sanctuary may not be as interesting but it was far more relaxing.

She'd ushered him off to 'work' in the morning with a kiss, telling him he could have his gifts in the evening. Then she'd set to work herself, transforming one of the courtyards in the garden. A table and chairs were set up out there, tea lights in holders stuck in the ground and white fairy lights draped in the trees. Telekinesis had it's advantages when doing heavy lifting and putting things in hard to reach places.

She'd asked Big Foot very nicely to make them an Italian meal, had 'borrowed' a bottle of wine from the cellar, dressed herself in a beautiful new dress she'd brought just for the occasion, and awaited his arrival. She knew he wouldn't be long. She'd made him promise he'd return to their room by seven and she'd left a note and suit on the bed.

Get changed and meet me in the secluded courtyard. You know the one. x
15 July 2010 @ 08:08 am
Morgana headed towards Morgause's room with a smile on her face.  She'd been look forward to this day shopping immensely. Just getting out the Sanctuary and doing something normal would be a blessed relief the way things currently were. She had so little chance these days to just be a young woman.

She was also looking forward to telling Morgause about her progress with her powers. As daft as it sounded, she wanted the other woman to be proud of her and the things she was achieving.

And, of course, she wanted the gossip on how things were going with Nigel.
04 July 2010 @ 02:23 am
Morgana tied her hair in a long plait, both a practicality and useful distraction. It gave her far less chance to muse upon what they were about to do, the risks they would take and the things they may be forced into. She had to focus on just one thing; the Cabal needed stopping, even if they took them one base at a time.

She soon left to meet Nikola in his lab. He had picked the target from the map of bases he had drawn on his curtains there. He had said he would brief her about the place when she arrived. For her part, Morgana had already borrowed the keys to one of the cars. Not the Aston - that was far too good to risk getting damaged on a mission like this.

"So, where are we causing havoc tonight?" she asked as she walked into the room.
18 June 2010 @ 10:02 pm
Morgana knocked on Kate's door, clutching the print out she'd had Henry recover from the computer system for her. Nikola had said he didn't think that Kate truly appreciated what she had done; Morgana was going to ensure that she was well aware. Then any apology she could muster really would mean something.

To be honest, Morgana's feelings towards Kate were more mixed than her hard exterior made out. She knew the other woman had been through hell and she must be incredibly worried about her brother. It was that sympathy that had quashed her urge to toss Kate through the nearest window.

That and the fact that the other woman had taken a risk telling them about the other Cabal agent. She deserved her one final chance for that at least.
15 June 2010 @ 11:08 pm
Morgana had spent most of the afternoon in one of the currently unused labs, making up emergency first aid kits, but her mind was distracted by her meeting with Morgause and the gift the other woman had given her; the bracelet now sitting on her wrist. The one that she insisted would prevent Morgana's  nightmares. It almost didn't seem possible and yet Morgana found herself trusting in it.

It wasn't just such amazing things on her mind though, but the woman in question too. Morgana couldn't help but think about the things that they shared in common - the similarity of their powers, how she felt some sort of connection.... Part of her thought she was being utterly ridiculous but her instinct said otherwise. Maybe they really did share a common ancestor somewhere. She must try and decipher that book about the witch Nikola had brought back for her as soon as possible.

It would take her mind off Kate too,she decided grimly, thoughts of her former friend far too confusing for her to cope with right now.